Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome To Good as Grandma's

Remember the taste of your grandmother’s jellies or pickles? Remember seeing the rows of jars, each with their own handwritten label across the front, lining the shelves of her pantry? Don’t you wish you could go back to those days, when life was simpler and food tasted better? That’s where I hope to take you, on a journey to a better way of eating as I explore the world of preserving foods.

My own grandma, now long gone, spent countless hours in her kitchen summer after summer, putting up jars of food. Each week, as the season crept by, a new fruit or vegetable ripened and found its way into her pantry. I remember being a little girl and gazing at all the colorful jars she had prepared with such love and wondering why on earth she spent so much time canning foods. Years, later with my own family to feed and grocery store prices skyrocketing, I am certain I understand her motivation.

I, too, am a grandmother now. I have learned a great deal about canning, freezing and dehydrating foods but I know I have a great deal more to learn. This blog will hopefully help you provide healthier foods for your family, save you a little money and take cooking back to the old days when people grew, picked and preserved their own food for use later in the year. Even though we no longer grow all our own food ourselves, we can still lead a more self-sufficient life.

I plan to share my triumphs, my experiences – good and bad – and my disasters with you as I embark on a journey of preserving my family’s foods so they are as good as grandma’s. I hope you’ll decide to come along with me.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great theme to your blog. Grandma's cooking and traditions give a sense of family and belonging. :)

I stopped by for the a-z challenge.

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